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ChatGPT - How Long Till They Realize I’m a Robot?

I tried it first on December 2nd... ...and slowly the meaning of it started to sink in. It's January 1st and as the new year begins, my future has never felt so hazy. It helps me write code. At my new company I'm writing golang, which is new for me, and one day on a whim I think "hmmm maybe ChatGPT will give me some ideas about the library I need to use." Lo-and-behold it knew the library. It wrote example code. It explained each section in just enough detail. I'm excited....It assists my users. I got a question about Dockerfiles in my teams oncall channel. "Hmmm I don't know the answer to this either"....ChatGPT did. It knew the commands to run. It knew details of how it worked. It explained it better and faster than I could have. Now I'm nervous....It writes my code for me. Now I'm hearing how great Github Copilot is - and it's built by OpenAI too...ok I guess I should give it a shot. I install it, and within minutes it'

Hosting a Website Right on your Windows Machine!

Hey cyberfreaks! Okay, today my bro showed me how to host your own website off of your own computer...and it's REALLY easy, if you've got the right tools.  FYI this post is really for my own reference, but if you have Windows with Internet Information Services (IIS) installed, then this is a quick and dirty tutorial to get to hosting your own site off of that cpu you're reading this post on...right now!  Here we go... First find your network/router/home's IP address (visible to the entire internet): 1.) Go to, click 'SHIELDSUP!' in the 'Services' drop down menu, and then click proceed. 2.) Now click the 'All Service Ports' button. 3.) Your computer/network/router's IP shows up (the one visible to the entire internet).  Copy it somewhere safe. Second, you must register a domain name: 1.) Go to and click the link near the bottom left that says 'Dynamic DNS Service'. 2.) Follow the directions and get

Scrum Master - Agile Methodologies

I was searching for videos and information about agile software development to help me better understand why it's so popular these days, and why I should learn more about it, and I stumbled upon this video. It explains, very elegantly, the agile development practice called SCRUM.  If your into software dev. it's a must-watch!