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ChatGPT - How Long Till They Realize I’m a Robot?

I tried it first on December 2nd... ...and slowly the meaning of it started to sink in. It's January 1st and as the new year begins, my future has never felt so hazy. It helps me write code. At my new company I'm writing golang, which is new for me, and one day on a whim I think "hmmm maybe ChatGPT will give me some ideas about the library I need to use." Lo-and-behold it knew the library. It wrote example code. It explained each section in just enough detail. I'm excited....It assists my users. I got a question about Dockerfiles in my teams oncall channel. "Hmmm I don't know the answer to this either"....ChatGPT did. It knew the commands to run. It knew details of how it worked. It explained it better and faster than I could have. Now I'm nervous....It writes my code for me. Now I'm hearing how great Github Copilot is - and it's built by OpenAI too...ok I guess I should give it a shot. I install it, and within minutes it'

My experience with Udacity

Last week I finished a free online course from (google it if you're unfamiliar - it's frickin' bomb!)  So I thought I'd write a post about my experience. SO good.  I learned python, google app engine and how to create my own website....though this time I'll retain it a little longer.  The lectures are given in video format, and they are so well edited that if you really like software, you won't even realize you're taking a course - it'll feel like entertainment!  Until you get to the assignments of course - that's where the real learning comes.  They start off riDICulously easy, at least for anyone who's written code before, and they slowly get a bit harder, though the only issues with completing them you'll have are with debugging weird nuances of don't even need to know python to start, because everything you need is usually the first link in a google search result page. The best part is that it's all FREE