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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Science of motivation

I worked in door-to-door sales for a couple of years, where we were paid commission to sell services, and were constantly pushed to work harder, longer and faster. I've also been studying to work in IT, where I've been advised to take my time and work through classroom problems slowly, carefully and thoroughly to maximize the quality of final solutions. Though both experiences taught me essential skills that I'm deeply grateful to have learned, here's an argument for the latter.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Who I am

Okay, so it's been a while since I started this blog, and maybe it's time I told all ( of you out there who I am. The question is: what should I tell you...

Okay, so I like computers, video games and in my spare time I try to stay active e.g. going to the gym, jogging, sports, etc. ...which I don't do enough of. There's other stuff but let's start with the 1st 3.


The 'idea' that's changed life around the world more than anything else in the past century is computing. It is the current revolution, and it's more than a keyboard and screen, it's a good idea. I like good ideas.

Video Games

They let me relax, yet they're stressful. It's fun, yet it's frustrating. Whatever they are, they have an exciting future, and I also think they have great potential. Here's a Tedtalk about gaming. Although I don't think the ideas (or games) that Ms. McGonigal displays here are very far into development, and that her games don't sound like much fun and therefore don't motivate me to want to find them and play them, I do think she's right about the enormous potential of this 'second track of education' that takes place at home, where the average 21 year old in a country with a strong gamer culture has played 10,000 hours of video games already. 10,000 hours! I haven't spent half that many hours programming, yet I want to make it my career. Watch it if you got a few:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Linked Data - Tim Berner-Lee's idea

In 2009, Tim Berner-Lee, creator of the internet :O did a talk about what he called "Linked Data", or the next internet. This is a short update on how those ideas are being put into motion.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eye-popping use of graphs to show eye-popping information

If anyone's ever wanted to know if there was an awesome way to combine a love for graphics with a desire to understand poverty...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some inspiration for the techies...

This is part of what inspires me to continue learning

Energetic student seeks warm summer employer

Hello World!

So here's my very first chance to tell the world what I'm thinking.

I like pie.

To all those crazies out there who are still reading, congratulations! You've made it past that first awkward moment that everyone goes through when they meet me. Consider us bff's. So I'm really just starting this blog to let people know what's up with me in developer-wannabe-land, and yes, I'm a com-sci major, studying at University of Calgary in year #2, though it feels like it's been much longer..... ;P

I'm looking for a job this summer in Toronto, so that I can continue taking classes there (since there's none at UofC I can take in Spring OR Summer session.....grrr!) at YorkU. If anyone out there knows any job leads, I'm interested in planning, analysis, design, implementation AND testing! I've got plenty of time left in my career to narrow it down from that.

I'll be available in Toronto starting May 1, 2010 through the end of the summer, and possibly a bit of September. Daytime, weekends, full/part-time, its all good.